CycleTour Germany-Thailand and beyond

"alles in 12 taschen" means "everything in 12 bags"

We are Lena and Stefan and on our way from Hamburg/Germany to Singapur and back via Container-Ship to Greece and cycling home to Hamburg.

Here is some english content, we try to subtitle every video and write more and more english blog-entries

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Polizei-Wüste / Police Desert

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How to register your drone in Thailand

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Visa Run Ranong/Thailand - Kawthaung/Myanmar in May 2018

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Video: Pimp My Tent - Cycling China Taklamakan

[de] Im Oktober 2017 hatten wir die Taklamakan-Wüste im Nordwesten Chinas vor uns. Unser Zelt hatte sich im Pamir-Gebirge/Pamir-Highway als nicht besonders Wind- und Winter-Tauglich erwiesen. Darum mussten wir einiges an Verbesserungen vornehmen.


[en] In October 2017 the Taklamakan desert in Chinas northwest was the way we choosed. In the pamir mountains/pamir highway our tent proofed to be not very wind and winter resistant - so we had to pimp it a little bit.


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