CycleTour Germany-Thailand and beyond

"alles in 12 taschen" means "everything in 12 bags"

We are Lena and Stefan and on our way from Hamburg/Germany to Singapur and back via Container-Ship to Greece and cycling home to Hamburg.

Here is some english content, we try to subtitle every video and write more and more english blog-entries

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english blog articles


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How to register your drone in Thailand

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Visa Run Ranong/Thailand - Kawthaung/Myanmar in May 2018

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Video: Pimp My Tent - Cycling China Taklamakan

[de] Im Oktober 2017 hatten wir die Taklamakan-Wüste im Nordwesten Chinas vor uns. Unser Zelt hatte sich im Pamir-Gebirge/Pamir-Highway als nicht besonders Wind- und Winter-Tauglich erwiesen. Darum mussten wir einiges an Verbesserungen vornehmen.


[en] In October 2017 the Taklamakan desert in Chinas northwest was the way we choosed. In the pamir mountains/pamir highway our tent proofed to be not very wind and winter resistant - so we had to pimp it a little bit.


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Entering China from Kyrgyzstan via Irkeshtam

[de] Dieser Artikel ist in englisch, da er hauptsächlich für andere Radler gedacht ist, die ähnliches vorhaben.


Our experiences when entering China from Kyrgyzstan via Irkeshtam Pass. No stories, just information.

See Video and Pictures below.

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